It’s Not Too Late to Purchase Individual or Family Vision Insurance

Protecting your eyes starts with routine eye exams. Because many eye and vision conditions exhibit no obvious symptoms, individuals are often unaware that there is a problem. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are important for maintaining good vision and preventing permanent vision loss. Eye exams are an important part of routine

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Understanding Oregon Health Insurance – Key Terms to Remember

Key Terms to Remember ANNUAL DEDUCTIBLE The amount you have to pay each year before the plan starts paying a portion of medical expenses. All family members’ expenses that count toward a health plan deductible accumulate together in the aggregate; however, each person also has a limit on their own individual accumulated expenses (the amount varies by plan). OUT-OF POCKET

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The Benefit of Benefits – Why Oregon Employers Should Offer Health Insurance Benefits

As an Oregon employer, remaining competitive in the hunt for the right job candidates who will propel your business to success is a struggle. Once you find the people you need, you have to convince them that your company is a better place to work than your competitors. A strategic, quality employee benefits package can help you attract and retain

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Term Life Insurance in Oregon & How Much to Buy

Term Life Insurance is designed to offer financial coverage to help your family pay off your outstanding debts, meet your ongoing financial obligations, and cover your final expenses. Your life insurance benefit can also be used to replace your income and help your loved ones continue to pay everyday expenses like rent/mortgage, groceries, and so on. Life insurance isn’t a

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Why should you provide Short Term Disability Insurance Coverage for your staff?

Employee Benefits Strategies in Oregon: Why you should provide Short Term Disability Insurance Coverage for your staff? For working individuals, a disability is a medical condition that reduces your ability to perform job duties – usually it’s an injury or illness. While some disabilities are work-related, nearly 75 percent of disabling injuries to workers occur off the job. Short Term

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Welcome to Our New Website & Blog!

PDX Insurance Nerds would like to extend a warm welcome to our new website and blog! Through our brand new website and blog, our team will update you on the latest news within the insurance industry while also offering regular lifestyle tips. We encourage you to browse through our new innovative website to see all that we have to offer.

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